Company Christmas Holidays
North American Headquarters in Miami, USA: Dec 25, 2014, Jan 1st 2015
European Headquarters in Muenster, Germany: Dec 22, 2014 until Jan 05th 2015
Limited support is available during this period.
We at PROVISIO wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Tools & Drivers
Content Filter database
  • 6.40 MB
Description :
Alternate download of the current Content Filter database. Please copy the file coachdata.bin from the ZIP directory to the folder ..\SiteKiosk\SiteCoach.
Current SiteKiosk version required.
WinMDB Tester
  • 233.00 KB
  • Windows (all)
  • English
Description :
This small tool by WH Berlin is used to check the EMP800 coin acceptor. What this means is that you can use this tool to check if the hardware has been properly integrated in case your coin acceptor does not work properly with SiteKiosk.

Copyright Wh-Berlin.
Please copy this tool to the SiteKiosk folder because this tool requires the file winmdb32.dll!
GET Virtual Key Codes
  • virtkeys.exe
  • 124.00 KB
  • Windows (all)
Description :
If you want to create your own touch screen keyboards, you may require Virtual Keycodes for certain keys.
This tool allows you to identify a key’s Virtual Keycode simply by pressing the key.

Copyright PROVISIO GmbH.
SmartCard Admin Tool
  • 747.71 KB
  • 6.6.70
Description :
Please note that you need to use this new Smart Card Tool for all new Smart Cards delivered May 2007 or later.

All former versions of this tool, which have been provided with any SiteKiosk installation until SiteKiosk Version 6.5.150, cannot be used with the new Smart Cards. We recommend using the new Smart Card Admin Tool on all terminals. Since it is an independent program you can install the new tool on any SiteKiosk terminal without updating the SiteKiosk software.
Please copy the downloaded files into the SiteKiosk installation folder to update your Smart Card Admin Tool.
SiteKiosk Controller for Microsoft Visual Studio
  • 74.97 KB
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Description :
This is an example .NET project for Microsoft Visual Studio. With this example you can create your own .NET application by which it is possible to control SiteKiosk. See also “SiteKiosk Control”
Auto Register Tool
  • SiteRemoteAutoRegister.exe
  • Windows (all)
Description :
The SiteRemote Auto Register Tool (clients require SiteKiosk Windows 7.5 or higher or SiteKiosk Android 2.2 or higher) allows you to create config files which you can use to register a machine with any SiteRemote server (SiteRemote Server 5 or higher). Use a job to copy these files into the appropriate directory.
SiteKiosk Control
  • 12.70 KB
  • SiteKiosk Version 5
  • Windows (all)
Description :
SiteKiosk Control is a program that allows you to transfer a URL to SiteKiosk and reset (logout) or end a running SiteKiosk application.

The following parameters are relevant:
  • quit - ends SiteKiosk
  • reset - resets SiteKiosk
  • nav URL - navigates to the specified URL

To transfer a URL to SiteKiosk, you can also use this tool if you are using a different version of Windows.
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