SiteRemote remote management

Simply open in your browser to remotely control your machines, do maintenance, or create Digital Signage campaigns.

Alternatively corporate clients can operate their own SiteRemote server inhouse, or lease a dedicated server.

Reach your goal in these easy steps

Register your team online

Register the SiteKiosk client

Remote administration

Product video

Remote administration and maintenance software for kiosk systems and digital signage displays

Central Server Management Console

Snapshot of all machines at a glance
Grouping of machines / Virtual folders
Remote Screenshot feature
Machine location map

Remote Maintenance

Remote configuration updates
Remote desktop access via VNC
Remote monitoring / Alert system
Batch jobs for machine groups

Remote Content Management

Job execution for common tasks
Digital signage campaigns
File management application
File synchronizing

Reporting & Statistics

Reports (Scheduled & custom)
Log files / Real-time stats
Software & hardware inventory

RemoteInput Client

Remote control terminals via Smartphone
Remote control website reachable via QR code
Time limited connection
Further details: FAQ

LDAP Authentication

Simple server integration via Active Directory
Central user authentication and management

Would you prefer to lease or purchase?

Browser support

Supported browsers for SiteRemote Cloud & SiteRemote Server software:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome (lacking Digital Signage and VNC support)

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Lease SiteRemote Cloud

Dedicated Server

Lease SiteRemote Server


Purchase SiteRemote Server
Supported clients Windows & Android Windows & Android Windows & Android
License fees Monthly Annual One-time fee
Ideal number of teams Smaller teams
(<100 Clients)
Larger teams
(>100 Clients)
Larger teams
(>100 Clients)
Server PROVISIO Server Exclusive rental server incl. backup & OS updates Your own Server
Administration fees None None Your own staff
Reseller options No No
Branding PROVISIO Your logo Your logo
Windows Server Settings No access Changeable upon request Full access
Updates Automatic & Free Upon request & Free Manual & liable to costs


Dedicated Server


  Lease Lease Purchase
Program details 30-day plan Annual plan Dedicated Server Server
Product-ID Free 37973089 37851295 37851296
Unrestricted access to all SiteRemote functions 30 days 12 months 12 months unlimited
Number of manageable clients 10 1 per plan unlimited unlimited
Transfer volume 100 MB per terminal 1.2 GB per terminal unlimited
(max bandwidth 100 MBit/s per server*)
Disk space 1 GB per team 1 GB per team 500 GB per server* configurable
SMS per terminal Not available Not available freely configurable* configurable*
Free support via telephone 12 months
Max. number of teams 1 1 unlimited unlimited
Exchanging SiteRemote client machines allowed
Fixed term of contract, no automatic renewal, no cancelation period 1 year contract duration, autom. renewal, cancelation period: 3 Months n/a
* Individual changes to these features/characteristics are possible

System requirements

Browser for server access

Internet Explorer 9 or newer, Mozilla Firefox

Supported Clients

SiteKiosk Version 6.0 or later, SiteKiosk Android Version 1.8 or later

Screen resolution

min. 1024 x 768 Pixel at 32 bit color depth

SiteRemote free 30-day trial
No automatic renewal, no hidden costs!